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Lianchuang always adheres to the core concept of "people-oriented", and also deeply understands that development cannot be separated from excellent technology and professional management level. Therefore, we regularly carry out safety training for employees, employ senior engineers to carry out a series of lectures on safety knowledge, process knowledge and fire safety training for all employees, and improve the technical strength and safety awareness of employees. This not only enhances the core competitiveness of the company, but also improves the economic and social benefits of the company, and creates a good safety culture atmosphere for the company.

In order to further enrich our company's corporate culture and activate the company's cultural atmosphere, we hold the annual meeting of the company every year, so that employees can fully display their own style. The employees actively participated in the performance, making the annual meeting programs colorful and energetic, greatly enhancing the cohesion of the company and enhancing the sense of ownership and responsibility of employees.